Premium Homes by an Experienced Contractor

20th Century Homes, Inc. is a full-service home builder who constructs quality, efficient, and comfortable houses in Hopkinton, MA. We have a vast portfolio of custom-built, reconstructed, and fully restored area homes.

Vision Statement

We employ and partner with the finest quality craftsmen available to build exquisite homes designed with people’s dreams in mind and built with pride.

Customer- and Community-Oriented Construction Services

For more than 40 years, our highly experienced team has been constructing homes that bring convenience and satisfaction to our clients. In achieving superior customer service, we value integrity so you can be sure that your property investment will be a lasting treasure.

Additionally, we believe that community service is an important part of any successful business. Our principal, Christopher Nation, gave his time, equipment, and labor as the general contractor in the construction of the beautiful Veterans Gazebo in Hopkinton Town Common. It was designed by world-renowned firm Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects. This structure is an iconic centerpiece of the town and a hub for many musical performances and veterans’ gatherings.

20th Century Homes, Inc