The Latest Construction Projects by an Established Builder

We are committed to providing our clients with the best construction services in a secure and timely manner. This is why we give importance to keeping the company proactive for a long period of time and protected against corporate difficulties. You can rely on us to successfully manage your house construction projects.

Feel free to browse these photos of newly constructed homes sold by our exclusive agent Melissa DeMarco. Note the fine woodwork details and amenities that can be found in properties costing tens of thousands more. Call us today for a home construction consultation.

Note the fine detail in the woodwork, as well as amenities found in homes costing tens of thousands more. The Nation family, now three generations, has survived every recession, while other builders have faded away. They can do this because this family of home builders purchases their land ahead of time, owing nothing to the bank and remaining strong in all economic climates.

For further information, contact Melissa our real estate, agent for full listings.